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Demolition isn’t a fun job or an easy one. Safety, efficiency, and disposal all matter and it can take a serious set of equipment to get the job done correctly. Arundel Excavation can provide the kind of demolition services you need no matter how large or small the job is.


Serving the Maryland, Delaware, and Washington DC areas, we have decades of experience in the excavation, demolition, and heavy machine operation business. And when it comes to demolition jobs, no task is too large or small. From removing curbs, getting rid of pavement for site preparation, or even the removal of entire residential or commercial buildings, our equipment and experienced operators can handle the job with ease.

There is much more to demolition than just tearing down a building or ripping up some pavement, and after the first stage, you’ll still be left with a mountain of debris that needs to be eliminated. We can handle all stages of demolition, from early planning through to the removal and disposal of debris. With our fleet of trucks and heavy equipment, our team can quickly and easily demolish anything you need removed and then haul off the debris promptly, leaving you with a site that’s ready for your next phase of construction.

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Demolition of an old house