Step Pools

Many people today have streams and ponds trickling through their property. Streams and ponds add a wonderful element of landscaping d├ęcor to any property, and they are often excellent for inviting wildlife onto your property. One decorative strategy many landscapers are using today is to link their streams and ponds with step pools.

Step Pools For Decoration And Water Purification

Step pools are gradually graded streams that allow water to flow down an incline. They usually feature rocks at certain intervals which the water is allowed to trickle down. Step pools serve two important functions. Firstly, they are incredibly beautiful and provide a trickling sound that many people find quite enjoyable. Secondly, they give the water time to slow down and allow and impurities in the water to be filtered out over the duration of time it takes to trickle down the step pools.

If you are interested in a step pool to improve a stream or pond on your property, there are many companies that specialize in excavating land that you may want to consider contacting in order to have your scenic step pool constructed.